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Being in business for over 70 years, we have seen some pretty dramatic changes in how we control the temperature in our houses and offices. From the simple “Round” thermostat with a spring thermometer to the current generation of “smart” “learning” “connected” & “communicating” thermostats” there have been a lot of changes!

Most of these changes have been a result of improving technology, consumer preferences and handy features and the state of California also has added its own requirements to controls for both the home and the office.

Most new thermostats use the internet to allow you to control the thermostat remotely, have the thermostat connected to your cell phone(s) so the system changes temperatures when you leave your home; check the outdoor temperature/humidity, etc. “Communicating” thermostats can allow your system to send our error codes when they are detected so your service company can get a head start on diagnosing and repairing the problem and they also incorporate an error history to allow advanced diagnostics to be performed without even going to your home.

“Learning” thermostats actually “remember” when you turned the temperature up or down and after a couple of days, they incorporate your changes into their program and will continue to follow that schedule until you change it.

Most of these thermostats are like a modern cell phone, packed with features that you don’t really have to use unless you want to. Most of the old thermostats were unlighted and difficult to see from a distance – not so with the new generation! They feature large numbers, backlighting that stay on/or turn off when you walk away, something for everyone!

Commercial & residential thermostats have distinct requirements and qualities so generally, they are not interchangeable as they have been in the past. Some commercial thermostats can control and entire facility from your cell phone and offer remote equipment monitoring as well and take advantage of all of the features incorporated in a commercial HVAC system.

Every new installation from Darrow includes a new generation thermostat at no additional charge – your project manager will be happy to help you make the choice that is best for you – some equipment options require specific thermostats so all of the components “communicate” with each other and in that case, there aren’t many options.

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CA State License #: 114301 NV State License #: 0079936

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