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Medical and Process Piping

Our specialty piping can handle all sorts of gases, including clean, dry air, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. We employ certified orbital welders who are knowledgeable regarding types of tubing and thickness requirements, especially for copper piping.

Types of medical and process piping and customizations that we provide include:
  • Stainless tubing for manifolds and pressure stations.
  • Set up for gauges in laboratories and hospital rooms.
  • Panels that show regulated air pressure or oxygen pressure.
  • Clean pipes capable of handling blood gas.

Our vast experience includes working with numerous medical gases and ensuring that each type of gas is properly piped and insulated. We also install automatic or manual switchover stations.

Improper installation can result in the wrong flow, lost service on a gas line, and downtime for pivotal systems. At Darrow, we understand how crucial it is for the job to be done right.

CA State License #: 114301 NV State License #: 0079936

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Contact Info:

11944 Valerio Street
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