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Incentives And Rebates

Incentives and rebates can be a valuable way to help you pay for technology upgrades. At Darrow, we’ll help facilitate the process by providing you with information, necessary documentation, and support.

It’s important to note that many incentives and rebates are time-sensitive. Sometimes they are politically motivated, or funding simply runs out. If you’re looking to take advantage of a rebate or incentive program, make sure that you fill out the application and provide documentation within the time frame.

We’re happy to assist you with the rebate application from beginning to end, though some rebates will require you to submit the final application and documentation yourself.
You can find currently available incentive and rebate programs on the DSIRE website, operated by N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center.

No Double Dipping

If two of your utilities offer rebates for the same project, you can only receive benefits from one. However, manufacturer rebates are entirely independent. For a single product, you can receive a refund from a utility company and the manufacturer.

Utility Rebates

To encourage the installation of renewable energy systems and other energy-efficient measures, states, local governments, and utility companies often offer rebates. Many people are unaware that a portion of every utility payment you make is allocated into a separate account that funds these incentives. In essence, you’re just getting some of your money back.


Types of Utility Companies

Utility companies fall under two categories, which affects how they handle incentives.

1. Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)

IOUs are regulated by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), which mandates that they provide a certain amount of rebates and incentives. These programs typically start on January 1 and end when the money set aside for that particular program runs out. As such, these programs can end without any notice.

Some of the IOUs in the area include:

Both companies offer commercial and residential customers a variety of incentives to replace older, inefficient gas-powered appliances with more efficient products.

2. Municipality Owned Utilities

Municipality owned utility companies are operated at the behest of the city government and are subject to their whims. Incentive and rebate programs can begin or end at any time.

Some of the municipal utilities in the area include:

These companies offer a variety of incentives for both residential and commercial customers.


Types of Rebates

There are many useful rebates worth looking into. Some examples of items you can find incentives for include:

Manufacturer Rebates

Most air conditioning manufacturers offer rebates based on the grade of equipment purchased. Higher-end products are more efficient, quieter, and include all of the latest state-of-the-art features. They also receive more substantial rebates.

Larger rebates are typically rewarded for complete systems. For example, a complete system may include all of the following:

  • A furnace
  • An evaporator coil
  • A condensing unit
  • A thermostat
  • An air filter

There are sometimes rebates for individual components and different systems, so make sure to research your options thoroughly.

Typically, rebates are offered during the spring and winter. Due to COVID-19, there may also be summer rebates. Manufacturer rebates usually have a rigid start and end date, so please check with us for current promotional details.


How Will I Get Paid?

Lennox rebates are rewarded in the form of a prepaid Visa card after the job has been completed.


Manufacturer Sponsored Financing

Lennox offers financing through its partner, Service Financial Services. Rates and terms may vary with the season and have variable factors such as:

  • Deferred payments
  • No payments for six months
  • Longer-term financing
  • And more.

The application takes about 10 minutes, and all relevant material can be found online.

 Contact us today to learn more about the incentives and rebates available to you.

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