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Energy Saving Equipment

In the last ten years, federal requirements have mandated increased energy efficiency in HVAC equipment. More efficient fans in furnaces and air handlers, more efficient strategies in condensing units, cleaner burning gas fired furnaces have all made the new equipment a much more efficient choice then older equipment. With today’s technology, you can increase energy efficiency by 70 percent, depending on various components. Darrow can help tailor a system for your home that will allow you to precisely control the temperature in every room of your home.

Benefits of Energy Saving Equipment

Typical options for energy-saving equipment include:

  • Variable speed equipment – starts very slowly and increases speed as the load increases
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) equipment – designed for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility
  • Mini-splits – ideal for home offices or areas that require their own comfort zone, independent of other areas of the home or office
  • Communicating equipment – today’s most efficient systems communicate with each other, your thermostat “tells” your furnace that it is starting to warm up in the house, the furnace starts to move air slowly and at the same time, tells the outdoor unit that it is needed – the components start so slowly that you will not notice they are even on and the temperature in the house is slowly conditioned – no big blasts of hot or cold air – the systems don’t shut on and off and on and off – just steady, conditioned air

These upgrades allow users to control the temperature of a room more precisely, increasing comfort and savings. For instance, instead of turning a system completely on or off, variable speed equipment allows a unit to run at any speed between 30 and 100 percent. As a result, temperatures are more evenly and accurately maintained.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a variable-speed motor running continuously at half-speed may use up to 25 percent less power than a single-stage motor to move an equivalent amount of air. These systems are also quieter and less obtrusive, thanks to their slow and steady operation. Additionally, variable speed systems are gentler on “the grid” in that they slowly ramp up to speed, making them ideal matches for solar powered homes as well.

In addition to reducing swings in temperature, energy-saving equipment can help with dehumidification and allow circulating air to interact more frequently with filters, thereby increasing air quality. Mini-splits will even enable you to control the temperature of individual rooms and recycle energy to some extent.
Despite high upfront costs, energy-efficient equipment often saves you money in the long run, while also improving your comfort levels.

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CA State License #: 114301 NV State License #: 0079936

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