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Computer, Server, And Data Rooms

When it comes to computer, server, and data rooms, even minor system malfunctions have drastic consequences. Excessive heat levels can put expensive equipment in considerable danger and having a reliable computer room air conditioning unit (CRAC) is paramount to its safety. At Darrow, we understand the sensitivity of such projects and how essential it is that these systems continually operate at peak performance levels.

Accommodating Your CRAC Needs

We both design and engineer CRAC plans, applying customizations to accommodate the unique requirements of each project. Taking a head-on approach, we address the finer details, such as sizing and power.

Our technicians cover all the bases, asking essential questions such as:

  • How big is the room that needs cooling?
  • What kind of heat are the racks putting out?
  • What kind of load will the AC unit need to be able to support?

If you require unique capabilities, we have no problem implementing such specifications. For instance, we have experience fabricating and installing exhaust fans and perforated door grills to assist with air control.

Reliability and precision are two of the core attributes that Darrow technicians value the most. We’ll handle delicate equipment with care and ensure that temperature, air distribution, and humidity are appropriately monitored and controlled.

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CA State License #: 114301 NV State License #: 0079936

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